Are you renting a property that has issues?

Landlords are legally required to ensure that your rental property is kept in good order.

If you have complained to your landlord and they have ignored your grievance you could be entitled to compensation.



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Have you complained about any of the following and been ignored?

Damp & Mould

Electrical faults or hazards

Broken or faulty gas boilers

Vermin such as rodents, bedbugs and cockroaches

Rotting to your windows & door frames causing ingress or wood lice infestation

Damaged interior such as wallpaper, curtains and carpets that have been affected by damp

Blocked drains and leaks from the roof of your property caused by missing tiles

Badly maintained brickwork to the outside of the property which is causing water to enter your property

Damage to your belongings, goods or furniture can occur through many avenues. Failure to meet this obligation to repair can result in inconvenience, damage to your belongings, personal injury or ill health.

If you have suffered any inconvenience, injury, illness as a result of disrepair you may be eligible to claim compensation.


Have you reported your housing disrepair concerns to your landlord? Have your concerns been ignored?


National Disrepair have successfully settled many Housing disrepair claims nationwide particularly against Haringey Council and Birmingham City Council. As winter is approaching, damp and mould issues will significantly increase therefore tenants should ensure they act fast.

What is the government doing in regards to housing disrepair claims?

The introduction of the landlord and tenant act 1975 and fitness for human habitation act 2018

The UK Coalition government provided 1.6 million to the decent homes program in England for the period of 2011 – 2015, a further 160 million was allocated in 2016 for the improvement of homes up and down the country.  Although the government have introduced many new measures for landlords to adhere to this has proven difficult due to the lack of available social and council housing.

As a result, there has been and remains significant concerns about housing standards at the lower end of the market, Housing Associations and Councils are letting poor quality, unhealthy and sometimes dangerous homes and ignoring their obligations. Resent policy initiatives in England and Wales have been directed at driving the landlords to improve their performance to leave the sector.

Advice to tenants suffering with housing disrepair

The main method of reporting issues to your landlord is via telephone however in our experience we have noted that many landlords do not accurately record complaints therefore we advise that you keep a thorough log of these complaints.

The best method of reporting issues is via email, as your landlord will not be able to dispute this even if they no longer hold a record of this.

Existing tenants suffering with disrepair

As a housing association or council tenant you have legal obligations to make sure the property is maintained throughout your tenancy agreement.

For example If the property is suffering with mould and damp you must take preventative measures.

You will note upon the reporting of issues that your landlord will provide you with specific advice:

  • Ventilate the property by opening windows and adequate heating
  • Do not dry clothes inside the property
  • Cleaning using mould washers or sprays or using mould resistant paint

Existing tenants suffering with disrepair

From our experience in dealing with housing disrepair claims, many tenants are reporting issues for disrepair from over 10 years. At some point during your housing disrepair claim your landlord will encourage you to take a small figure of around £400 or even move you into another home due to the disrepair. If you decide to move home or take a small offer directly from your landlord you will not be able to claim the full compensation you are entitled to which could range up to £10,000.


Check that your landlord is responsible for the repairs – This will be within your tenancy agreement.

you’ve reported the problem (at least once) and given your landlord a reasonable amount of time to do the work.

Collate evidence to help support your case.


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